Our Mission

Extending God’s Kingdom around the world in the power of the Spirit to the glory of God

Mission Objectives

  • to promote new testament ministry

  • to build relationships and unity

  • to function within smaller family networks for stronger relationship and effectiveness

  • For each network to function decentralized around our shared central mission

  • to provide spiritual oversight, guidance and strategy for network members and churches

  • to carry out the kingdom-building mission of Jesus

  • to make disciples that make disciples

  • to equip God’s people for ministry service

  • to recognize the necessity of the power of the Spirit and gifts

  • to plant churches around the world

  • to promote the function and leadership of five-fold ministry

  • to network within our networks

  • to recognize that our call and God’s kingdom encompasses our city, nation and nations

  • to provide ministry credentials through the networks

  • to provide regular conferences, meetings for relationship building, encouragement and equipping

  • to provide support and encouragement for network members and churches

  • to provide church conflict mediation and counsel when invited

  • to provide overall vision and leadership direction through the apostolic council

  • to provide minister training and placement across the networks

  • to become an apostolic movement spontaneously reproducing disciples, churches and networks around the world

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