Our Roots

We honor our legacy while forging new paths into an exciting future on the mission of God.

Liberty Church Is Born

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Globe Missionary Evangelism Begins

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Liberty Fellowship Is Launched

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Buford Lipscomb Becomes Senior Pastor of Liberty Church

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Church Foundational Networks Begins

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L.A. Joiner Becomes CFN Executive Director

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Buford Lipscomb Becomes CFN President

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Ken Sumrall Home Going

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CFN Becomes Liberty Network International

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The Liberty Legacy

On March 16, 1964, Ken (Papa Ken) and Wanda Sumrall embarked upon a risky endeavor, but one that would become monumental within the newfound charismatic movement. With about 35 God-hungry people from various backgrounds and denominations, they began Liberty Church, in a small storefront in Pensacola, Florida. The rest is history.

Within the next few decades, Liberty grew in size and influence. It launched worldwide ministries such as Liberty Bible College and Globe International, which together have sent out thousands in the power of the Spirit to the ends of the earth.

By 1975, with students of the college now graduating and starting churches, as well missionaries now going into the world, the need for expanded leadership and oversight increased. From this, the Liberty Fellowship of Churches and Ministers was born.

Fast forward to 1995, Papa Ken resigned from Liberty Fellowship to form the Church Foundational Network (CFN), a God-given vision for an Apostolic Network of smaller networks overseen by spiritual sons and an Apostolic Leadership Council. Believing that smaller groups allow for stronger relationships and greater focus on carrying out ministry, these groups also allowed for his sons to grow as apostolic leaders, taking more of the responsibilities off of him, along with becoming more organic and less institutional. As a result, CFN has grown and thrived as a family of apostolic networks around the world.

In 2013, our founder and spiritual papa went home to Heaven. Papa Ken has left an indelible mark on lives of people around the world. Though a deep personal loss for us all, he prepared us well for his passing. Just a couple years earlier, Papa Ken instituted Pastor Buford Lipscomb, a long-time Liberty leader and pastor, as president of CFN.

With the support of the Apostolic Council and encouragement of Papa Ken, Pastor Buford set up to lead CFN into a new future with a new vision.

Future: On the Mission of God

Today, the legacy of Ken Sumrall and the Church Foundational Network continues through Liberty Network International. While the name and leadership have changed, the core vision has not. Liberty Network International exists to encourage lives submitted to the Holy Spirit for the purpose of extending the Kingdom of God around the world. Just as in the early years, we are built upon a foundation of relationship, but more than ever, we are committed to resourcing those within our networks so that we all may be successful ministers…on the mission of God.

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