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Welcome Letter from Pastor Buford

Pastor Buford LipscombWelcome to Liberty Network International and our Liberty Network International website.

LNI exists as a family of what we call Apostolic Family Networks.


God sets us all in families, both biologically and spiritually. This is His order for us individually. And this is His order for the Church, which is what LNI is—small groups of ministerial families. Remaining in small groups is important. This allows us to more clearly focus on building stronger relationships, enjoy greater accountability and greater impact. God has designed ministry call to be lived and carried out within God-given relationships—those we submit ourselves to as well as those peers carrying out a shared mission.

Relationship is the foundational value of Liberty Network International, upon which the rest of our values are built: resourcing, reproduction, and restoration.

Resourcing and Reproduction

Our goal is to help foster growth—not organizationally, but organically—in the way Jesus commissioned.

Within a relational culture of trust and love, greater equipping from five-fold ministry can be carried out naturally and effectively. As spiritual fathers and mentors, we provide the resourcing necessary for those within our network to grow stronger at home and ministry, in giftedness and calling, and as effective ministers making greater impact.

God created each of us to naturally reproduce. And so it is with the Church. Within the bonds of relationship, our goal is to help foster this growth—not organizationally, but organically—in the way Jesus commissioned. That is, disciples making disciples who become churches that plant churches that become networks that plant networks around the world. The result: a Kingdom-advancing movement known as the “spontaneous expansion of the Church.”


Ultimately all of New Testament ministry is about preparing the way of the coming of the Lord! The message and mission of Jesus was to announce that the Kingdom of God through Him had arrived on the earth, and that He would return in like manner as He departed. He commissioned (sent) us by His word and with His Spirit to proclaim His gospel and to make disciples of the nations. Jesus delegated His sent ones—the apostolic—to continue to proclaim and advance the Gospel of the Kingdom until the restoration of all things and His return.

For He must remain in Heaven until the time for the final restoration of all things, as God promised long ago through his holy prophets. —Acts 3:21

I believe you’ll find the LNI website helpful and informative. It is our desire that the site be an interactive infrastructure to help us become more of a Kingdom-advancing movement around the world, providing caring oversight, equipping, strategy and ministry opportunity to those that are committed to Him.

LNI is simply a network of people on the mission of our commission:  to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom, heal the sick, and make disciples. Through us, God is building His Church.


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Pastor Buford Lipscomb

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