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Lambert Brings Momentum to U.S. Center for World Mission


John and his wife Jacqueline were serving as missionaries to Thailand before the Lord directed their steps to the Pasadena, CA based U.S. Center for World Mission in the summer of 2012. For over 40 years, the U.S. Center has been influencing the trajectory of frontier mission work through its advocacy, research, strategy, mobilization, and publishing efforts.

The historical Center was founded by Dr. Ralph D. Winter in 1976, the same year John and Jacqueline were born. It was a fact that wasn’t lost on them when they began to sense God leading them to be a part of retooling the ministry for a new generation. The Lamberts were warmly received and welcomed as an answer to prayer. Many doors of ministry have opened to them since they said “yes.”

Since that time, John has developed and strengthened collaborative partnerships between the U.S. Center with TheCall, YWAM Circuit Riders, OneVoice Student Missions, Pasadena International House of Prayer, and the Antioch Movement, through Epicentre Church. His partnerships and reflection on these movements can be found in the July-August 2014 edition of Mission Frontiers magazine, which he guest edited. He continues to explore new partnerships, which include the Providence Christian College, a reformed university that also meets on the campus.

(Students gathering at John R. Mott Auditorium, USCWM)

(Students gathering at John R. Mott Auditorium, USCWM)

Thousands of students and leaders have since passed through the U.S. Center campus and many new networks have been opened up to the call to unreached peoples and the frontiers of global mission. A night and day (24-6) house of prayer for all nations has recently relocated to the historic John R. Mott Auditorium on the campus along with a local multi cultural missional church that meet every Sunday. John help to coordinate the 70th anniversary celebration of the auditorium on Aug 27th which covered over 100 years of the campus’ history and drew major leaders from the Nazarene denomination which owned the campus before the U.S. Center.

Another major initiative that John is leading is the rebranding, renaming, and re launching of the U.S. Center for World Mission, the Frontier Mission Fellowship, and the 17 acre Pasadena Campus. Working with the design group, PlainJoe Studios, John led the organizational change management process and took the lead in pulling together the key stakeholders to walk through a comprehensive discovery process before the final brand identity was set in place. He currently works with the Communications team to ensure that the core of the identity is not lost while change is being stimulated and encouraged.

This summer, just before attending the Liberty Network International conference where he was set in through ordination, John rolled out the new name and branding to over 120 staff at a recent staff retreat. The external roll out to the public is slotted for January of 2015. A 40-year celebration is in the works for 2016.

As part of the revitalization process, John is part of a small core team developing a new initiative called PRIME. The acronym stands for Prayer, Research, Innovation, Media, and Engagement. The initiative is paradigm through which multi disciplinary teams can work through together in order to accelerate new breakthrough among unreached peoples. John and his team are working on vision and operation manuals and hope to have a web site live before the end of the year. They are already working with many networks and agencies that have shown interest in adopting the PRIME strategy, including Luis Bush of Transform World.

The Lamberts have three sons and have recently moved into the former home of Dr. Ralph D. Winter. As missionaries, they are in the process of raising their monthly financial support as they continue moving forward in the work.

You can learn and get involved in their ministry team by visiting:
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