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To Boomer Leaders: Gen X is the Key to Your Ministry’s Future


A recent NY Times Article, What Happens When Millennials Run the Workplace, points out that “last year, millennials edged out Generation X (35 to 50 years old in 2015) as the largest share of the labor force, according to the Pew Research Center. What’s more, millennials have also surpassed baby boomers.”

If this is the case, why are Gen X leaders the key to your ministry’s future?

Here are a 3 main reasons:

  1. They are most likely the best link you have between your ministry’s founding DNA and the next generation’s culture.
  1. They understand both the analog and the digital communication world and can help you bridge the divide in some very practical ways.
  1. They have possibly gained the real world experience you need right now to transition to a future that could long outlast your legacy.

Look around you, who are the men and women age 35 to 50 who are ready to take the reins of leadership? Are you intentionally making way for them?

Who around you is capable of drawing in the talent of the Millennial generation, while also bringing their fresh energy, ideas, and experience to the table?

Who is comfortable and able to relate to both the worlds of the Boomer and the Millennial and can move back and forth among both of them like a native?

Gen X leaders with the necessary experience and character needed to lead within your specific ministry environment will be in high demand in the days to come.

These people, if you can identify them, should be leading alongside you right now. If not, you are behind the eight ball.

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