First Term Liberty Missionaries

First Term Liberty Sent and Supported Missionaries

It is our desire to ensure that the missionaries we support and send have the best possible chance of fruitful service in a long term career in global mission work.

Therefore, we have created an application process that involves Liberty Church/Liberty Network leadership input before financial support is released from Liberty to new missionary candidates.

Although every member of Liberty church is free to pursue their own course of action in global missions apart from the input of their local church, we believe that God has provided safety in a multitude of godly counsel, especially those who have been entrusted with their Spiritual care.

New missionaries who complete the Liberty application process and any and all Pastoral recommendations prior to making application at a mission agency, will receive the following support for their first term of service (4 years).

  1. Partial one time support for an initial exploratory trip to their country of calling.
  2. The full payment of their initial airline tickets to their destination of service.
  3. Acceptance as a missionary campus partner for each campus of Liberty church.
  4. Guaranteed support up to 50% of their personal budget for the first year, 40% for the second year, 30% for the third year, and 20% for the fourth year. The missionary is expected to replace the decreasing Liberty Church budgeted support each year with support from other individuals, businesses, and churches.
  5. Monthly access to Liberty Church approved counselors via video conferencing.
  6. Access to Liberty Network International leadership for strategic consultation.
  7. Ability to become a Liberty Church Strategic Partner after completion of first term.
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