Long Term Missions

Extending His Kingdom around the world, in the power of the Spirit, to the glory of God

Long Term Missionary Selection and Sending

We have been sending long term missionaries for over fifty years. It is our desire that we pastor those people God’s has placed into our Liberty family by helping to guide, prepare, and equip our members for succesful long term international service.

In order for new long term missionaries who consider a Liberty or LNI affiliated church their “home” or “sending” church to receive financial and pastoral support from LNI or affiliated churches, they must have followed the process outlined below.

Those who successfully complete this process and are approved will receive endorsement for their ministry throughout the network as well as increased up front support for launch and a greater percentage of monthly support from their home church in their first term of service. (see details here)

Our Basic Process:

  • Speak with your Pastor about your desire to serve as a long term missionary.
  • Your Pastor will schedule an initial meeting, in person or via video conference, with John Lambert; the LNI leader who oversees the process. This initial meeting will provide an overview of the process and potential benefits.
  • Sign up to take Perspectives on the World Christian Movement– This is a 15 week course that takes you through the Biblical, Historical, Cultural, and Strategic Perspectives of the Mission of God. You can find a local class schedule by visiting www.perspectives.org. It is not necessary for you to take the course for credit. The course cost is approximately $275. We encourage you to take the course in person with a group.
  • Complete the Long-Term Missionary Application- Part 1 This application is designed to provide LNI leadership with an adequate introduction to your background, experiences, and involvement within the local church.
  • Have a 3 leaders who know you best in life & ministry complete the References Form. You may also send the References Form link (https://libertynetwork.ccbchurch.com/form_response.php?id=17).
  • LNI Interview- Interview with LNI leadership.
  • Decision by Liberty Church and LNI staff- You will be notified of the decision.
  • Make application to Globe or another approved missions agency.
  • Compete Long Term Missionary Application- Part 2
  • Attending Pre Field Missions Orientation/Training
  • Take Kingdom Come Training for building a support team
  • Launch!

Initial Filters:

  • Bias towards working with a Liberty “Strategic Partner”, Liberty missionary, and/or
  • Bias towards working among an unreached people group (see www.joshuaproject.net)
  • Member of Liberty Church or LNI affiliated church
  • Minimum overseas service commitment of 18 months
  • Specific and strategic purpose
  • No debt
  • Compelling sense of God’s calling and direction

Additional Filters:

  • Mature- emotionally, mentally, and spiritually
  • Physically healthy
  • Competent- skills and knowledge needed for their specific ministry
  • Moral lifestyle and integrity
  • Spirit filled walk with God
  • Team Player- able to get along well with others
  • If married, solid marriage
  • If married with children, stable family
  • If single, content in singleness
  • Successful past employment
  • Actively serving in the local church
  • Good work ethic
  • Teachable and flexible
  • Willing to raise support
  • Willing to build a personal care team
  • Willing to learn another language and culture
  • Willing to be licensed or ordained
  • Willing to be accountable for life and ministry
  • Willing to partner with a missions agency


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